Community Project Service and Food Fundraising Event

On November 29th, Tishk International University (TIU) hosted a significant community project service and food fundraising event, actively involving participants from all university departments. This event was a vibrant and communal gathering, emphasizing the university’s commitment to charitable initiatives and fostering a sense of unity among students, staff, and faculty members. The Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Architecture were prominently featured, setting up a stand where volunteers, comprising both students and staff, displayed and sold a variety of homemade foods. The menu was a delightful mix of traditional and international flavors, featuring dishes such as chicken biryani, Mandi, mini pizzas, and dolma. Additionally, an array of homemade desserts like cakes, cookies, and muffins added a sweet touch to the offerings.

The fundraising aspect of the event was significantly bolstered by the collaboration with local businesses such as Vittoria Cafe and Gallamew Food Place. Their contributions, along with the enthusiastic participation of the volunteers, played a crucial role in the success of the event. The funds collected were earmarked for architecture charity projects planned for the academic year, highlighting the event’s purpose beyond mere community engagement. The success of the event can largely be attributed to the dedicated efforts and support of the faculty students. Their willingness to volunteer time and energy was a testament to their commitment to the university’s charitable goals. Their active participation was not just about raising funds; it was a demonstration of the spirit of community and collaboration that the university cherishes. This event was a celebration of this spirit, marking a successful outcome that the faculty and university community could take pride in.