Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, students will be able to:
1. Apply problem-solving skills in the architectural context.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of architectural history, theory, and practice in solving architectural design problems.
3. Utilize freehand drawing, architectural graphics, and model building skills in solving architectural design problems.
4. Utilize the computer as a tool in a wide range of documentation and presentation applications, using CAD, 3-D visualization and rendering, electronic image composition and editing software.
5. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology in solving architectural design problems.
6. Develop designs that meet desired needs within realistic economic, social, political, and cultural constraints.
7. Develop designs that fulfill the environmental, health & safety, and sustainability considerations.
8. Demonstrate team-working skills and show the ability to work collaboratively with various design teams involved in the building industry, and collaborate and negotiate with clients.
9. Demonstrate the necessary knowledge for applying laws, codes, regulations, standards and practices in relation to building construction systems.
10. Show their ideas through high quality drawing skills and artistic sense.
11. Utilize their skills to address professional and ethical responsibilities, diversity and commitment to the work field.
12. Suggest solutions and techniques for engaging in life-long learning and knowledge about contemporary issues.