About Architecture Engineering

The architectural engineering program provides students with a rich and rigorous foundation in the fields of architectural design, technology, urban design, structure, history and theory, and landscape architecture. The program thus balances the intensity of a theory with technical creativity, imagination; critical thinking it integrates other disciplines.

In the department of architecture engineering, the students study and practice architecture and fine arts  as creative skills to improve the country and enable them to progress successfully in this field. The department prepares students to address the complex problem of the 21first century through the application of the art and science of design. The department provides students with intensive theoretical training and studio experiences, they are also encouraged to do technical creativity, imagination, critical thinking, a sense of history and development of a social, ethical, and artistic

Why Architecture 

We strongly suggest/recommend Architectural Engineering Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.

  1. We offer high standard education with internationally professional teaching academics in both practical courses that are taught in large drawing halls that contains all tools for teaching and also theoretical classes.
  2. We offer European standard curriculum which is accredited by ZEVA Accreditation Program.
  3. In our curriculum We offer such practical courses contains designing most of the building types and constructional ways of building them that can be useful to graduates after graduation.
  4. Our curriculum is rich with many courses which will enable graduate’s to work in many different field such as, landscape designer, interior designer, urban designer, graphic designer….
  5. We offer a conducive environment/atmosphere to our applicants where they can freely communicate with any academics or academicians of their choice (This will improve their communication skills).
  6. We offer such activities and competitions that can be useful to graduates after graduation such as NICE competition and also student project exhibition
  7. We guarantee job to our applicants whenever they complete the departmental instructions on time.
  8. We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.

Career Table


  • Architect
  • Academia
  • Architectural technologist
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Building surveyor
  • Urban planner
  • Production designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Structural engineer
  • Landscape designer
  • Photographer
  • Project manager 


  • Private architect practices
  • Large Construction companies
  • Utility companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Engineering, architectural, consulting companies
  • Governmental sectors: All Ministries (Engineering department), municipality, Department of Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, Aviation Administration, Department of Energy, Universities public/private
  • Designing companies


  • Pursue a strong background of engineering fundamentals as preparation for entering the
    work force or graduate school.
  • Develop communication skill, as architects are likely to collaborate with                                                                                                           professionals in a variety of disciplines.
  • Join the Iraqi Society of Architectural Engineers to participate in
    projects and activities to increase marketability beyond graduation.
  • Participating in national and international competitions.
  • Improving knowledge in computer programs that architect use in designing project.