Future Perspectives

Short-term Plan

Development of teaching quality by:

1- Developing and updating the curriculum to meet the requirements and qualifications of European accreditation institutions and associations.
2- Having a team of qualified and diverse department members to enhance our global reputation for the generation of new ideas and transformative discoveries.
3- Strengthening links with international universities and encouraging students for exchange programs.
4- Continuing to develop summer training and internships in leading companies in the region.
5- Increasing staff retention and enhance succession planning within the Faculty.
6- Promoting extra-curricular activities through communications, faculty mentoring and suitable space and facilities.

Long-term Plan:

1- The department aims to become the leading educational institution in the region to provide the society with efficient graduates with high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
2- The department aims to answer the needs of the local market and train students according to international standards.
3- The department plans to place itself amongst the highest-ranking institutions in its field, by acquiring the accreditations needed from various international parties.
4- The department aims to follow continuously the newest trends and approaches in the field of architecture and architectural education.
5- The department is looking forward to become an important institution in defining important aspects of the architectural discourse, discussing vital social and cultural issues.