Academic Trip to Gulan Mall

On May 13th 2023, the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University organized a scientific trip to Gulan Mall, held under supervision of Mr.Sirwan Raffat and Miss Dania Idrees. The field trip served as a practical extension of the Freehand Drawing Course, allowing students to implement the drawing techniques they had been taught in class.

Upon arrival, students received guidance from their lecturers. Afterwards, they dispersed throughout the mall, selecting vantage points to commence their sketches. Recognizing that architectural engineering is inherently practical, it becomes evident that conventional teaching methods may not wholly satisfy modern student requirements. With the rapid proliferation of knowledge, field trips become indispensable in illustrating the link between classroom theories and real-world applications. Throughout the visit, the lecturer imparted crucial insights, emphasizing the correct way to achieve perspective angles and employ drawing and coloring techniques to produce aesthetically pleasing sketches.

In addition to providing students with a direct observation of a prominent urban landmark, this field trip also concluded with the creation of several sketches, which were afterwards evaluated by the instructors. Engaging in such activities allows students to deeply engage with the architectural core of the city, enabling them to develop the skill of creating urban sketches that effectively communicate meaningful narratives. Given the importance of visualisation, these exercises aim to refine students’ abilities, so enhancing their readiness for advanced presentation strategies in their future pursuits.