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NICE 2024


Tishk International University is proud to announce the successful completion of the 9th National Innovation Competition in Engineering (NICE2024), held on Sunday, May 12th, 2024. The event, themed Targeting Smart Sustainable Innovations, brought together students, supervisors, practitioners, educators, and engineering enthusiasts from 9 universities in Kurdistan and Iraq (Tishk International University, Erbil Polytechnic University, Duhok Polytechnic University, University of Duhok, Kirkurk University, Koya University, University of Kurdistan Helwer (UKH), University of Raparin, Knowledge University, Cihan University Erbil, Technical Institute of Kurdistan) who are passionate about smart and sustainable innovations. NICE2024 aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their innovative [...]

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Site Visit to İberia Ready-Mix Concrete Company 2024


On Thursday, May 16th, 2024, the Civil Engineering department of Tishk International University (TIU) organized an educational visit to the İberia Ready-Mix Concrete Company for their 2nd-year students. This visit was a part of the practical learning experiences incorporated into the civil engineering curriculum to provide students with firsthand industry exposure. The visit was supervised by Mr. Halmat Muslih and Mr. Mohammed Kany, both esteemed faculty members of the Engineering Faculty at TIU. Upon arrival at the company, the students were warmly welcomed by Eng. Mohammed Nadir, who guided them through the various processes involved in the production of ready-mix concrete. [...]

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Social Community Project


The social community project of our students from the Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University in collaboration with both Dean of Students and Jgar Xwen High School. Our goal was to help Jgar Xwen High School in Kawrgosk, near Erbil, by providing them with a bookshelf and a diverse collection of books in English, Arabic, and Kurdish. We wanted to create a better learning environment for the students there and encourage them to read more. To raise the money needed for this project, we organized a food fundraising event at our university. Everyone came together to cook and sell delicious [...]

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Breakfast with 1st grade students at Sami Abdulrahman Park


On (07/05/2024) the first-grade students of the Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University recently had a delightful breakfast gathering with their esteemed lecturers at Sami Abdulrahman Park. This delightful outdoor venue provided the perfect environment for fostering friendship and building connections between students and department members in a relaxed setting. Over plates of delicious food and steaming cups of tea, students had the invaluable opportunity to engage in casual conversations with their lecturers, gaining insights, sharing experiences, and building relationship that extends beyond the classroom. The breakfast at Sami Abdulrahman Park served as more than just a meal; it was [...]

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Site visit to Final Long Technic Company May 2024


Site visit to Final Long Technic Company May 2024 On May 13, 2024, third-grade students from the Civil Engineering department, accompanied by Ms. Suraiya Shaffi and Mr. Muhammad Kany, paid a visit to Final Long Technic Company, a recycling factory located on Gwer Road in Erbil. This visit was organized as part of their course on Sustainability for Civil Engineering. During the visit, the students were given a tour by the factory engineer, Er. Aymen, who provided insights into the impact of sustainability on the planet, with a specific focus on plastic bottle recycling. Er. Aymen elaborated on the various steps [...]

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“Engineering Horizons: Discover, Dream and Do” Mr. Reman inspires


On (09/05/2024) the Department of Civil Engineering recently hosted a transformative seminar led by motivational speaker, Mr. Reman. Aimed at third-year students, the seminar focused on instilling perseverance and determination in aspiring engineers. Through captivating storytelling and interactive discussions, Mr. Reman emphasized the significance of resilience and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. Attendees left the seminar motivated and ready to conquer challenges in their academic and professional journeys. The seminar provided a valuable opportunity for students to gain insights from Mr. Reman's extensive experience and wisdom. Attendees actively participated in discussions, exchanging ideas and strategies for overcoming obstacles in their [...]

“Engineering Horizons: Discover, Dream and Do” Mr. Reman inspires2024-05-15T14:14:29+00:00

Invitation for Spaghetti Bridge Competition 2024


Invitation to Spaghetti Bridge Competition: Calling All Engineering Departments!   Dear Sir/Madam   We are excited to extend an invitation to your esteemed department to participate in our upcoming Spaghetti Bridge Competition hosted by the Civil Engineering Department.   Date: 25/04/2024 Time: 10:00 Location: Civil Engineering Tent (in Spring Festival)   The Spaghetti Bridge Competition is a thrilling opportunity for engineering students to showcase their creativity, innovation, and structural engineering skills. It challenges participants to design and construct a spaghetti bridge that can span a distance of 110cm while supporting a maximum load without collapsing. We believe that participation in this [...]

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Spaghetti Bridge Competition (2024)


Calling all aspiring engineers!   We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Spaghetti Bridge Competition, where innovation meets structural engineering excellence!   🗓️ Date: 25/04/2024 🕒 Time: 10:00 📍 Location: Civil Engineering Tent (in the spring festival)   Put your skills to the test as you design and construct a spaghetti bridge capable of spanning 110cm and withstanding maximum loads! This is your chance to showcase your talent and problem-solving abilities in a challenging yet rewarding competition. Guideline for the Competition (download). For registration and inquiries, please reach out to Mr. Abdullah Hasan (email: [email protected]).   Join us as we celebrate engineering [...]

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Our program is now accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate


Attention TIU-Civil Engineering Graduates! Great news! Our program is now accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, making you eligible for membership! To join this prestigious organization and gain the benefits it, simply fill out the membership application form by following this link Click Here. Don't miss out! The deadline to submit your application is April 16, 2024.

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Weekly Timetable Spring Semester 2024


Weekly Timetable of Spring Semester 2024 (last updated on 26-3-2024). 1- Download the Timetable 2- Classrooms L.204 and L.205 in the schedule are referring to the classrooms from the new laboratory building. 3- Due to first grade starting of the semester, maybe the timetable will be updated.      

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