Invitation to Spaghetti Bridge Competition: Calling All Engineering Departments!


Dear Sir/Madam


We are excited to extend an invitation to your esteemed department to participate in our upcoming Spaghetti Bridge Competition hosted by the Civil Engineering Department.


Date: 25/04/2024

Time: 10:00

Location: Civil Engineering Tent (in Spring Festival)


The Spaghetti Bridge Competition is a thrilling opportunity for engineering students to showcase their creativity, innovation, and structural engineering skills. It challenges participants to design and construct a spaghetti bridge that can span a distance of 110cm while supporting a maximum load without collapsing.

We believe that participation in this competition will provide students with invaluable hands-on experience, foster teamwork, and collaboration, and ignite their passion for engineering innovation.

Guideline for the Competition (Download).

We would be honored to have your department join us in this exciting event. To register your team or for any inquiries, please contact Mr. Abdullah Hasan (Email: [email protected]).


Let’s come together to celebrate engineering excellence and creativity at the Spaghetti Bridge Competition!