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Summer Training 2024


We are excited to announce a summer training program for all 3rd grade students. Participation is required to ensure students meet the necessary academic standards, and failure to complete the course will result in not passing the summer training. This program is designed to support and enhance students' learning experiences, preparing them for the upcoming year. Note: The Application Form should be submitted to the department by 25.06.2024 Note: For more information, please visit Ms. Bnar Abubakir Room#L.206   0-Process 1-Internship-Application-Form 2-Internship-Job-Description-Form 3-Internship-Weekly-Report 4-Internship-Final-Evaluation

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Invitation for Spaghetti Bridge Competition 2024


Invitation to Spaghetti Bridge Competition: Calling All Engineering Departments!   Dear Sir/Madam   We are excited to extend an invitation to your esteemed department to participate in our upcoming Spaghetti Bridge Competition hosted by the Civil Engineering Department.   Date: 25/04/2024 Time: 10:00 Location: Civil Engineering Tent (in Spring Festival)   The Spaghetti Bridge Competition is a thrilling opportunity for engineering students to showcase their creativity, innovation, and structural engineering skills. It challenges participants to design and construct a spaghetti bridge that can span a distance of 110cm while supporting a maximum load without collapsing. We believe that participation in this [...]

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Spaghetti Bridge Competition (2024)


Calling all aspiring engineers!   We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Spaghetti Bridge Competition, where innovation meets structural engineering excellence!   🗓️ Date: 25/04/2024 🕒 Time: 10:00 📍 Location: Civil Engineering Tent (in the spring festival)   Put your skills to the test as you design and construct a spaghetti bridge capable of spanning 110cm and withstanding maximum loads! This is your chance to showcase your talent and problem-solving abilities in a challenging yet rewarding competition. Guideline for the Competition (download). For registration and inquiries, please reach out to Mr. Abdullah Hasan (email: [email protected]).   Join us as we celebrate engineering [...]

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Our program is now accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate


Attention TIU-Civil Engineering Graduates! Great news! Our program is now accredited by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, making you eligible for membership! To join this prestigious organization and gain the benefits it, simply fill out the membership application form by following this link Click Here. Don't miss out! The deadline to submit your application is April 16, 2024.

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Weekly Timetable Spring Semester 2024


Weekly Timetable of Spring Semester 2024 (last updated on 26-3-2024). 1- Download the Timetable 2- Classrooms L.204 and L.205 in the schedule are referring to the classrooms from the new laboratory building. 3- Due to first grade starting of the semester, maybe the timetable will be updated.      

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Registration Spring Semester 2024


Dear students, Now the registration for Spring semester of 2024 is opened for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses, please select your courses from your system and go to your academic advisors. Download the PDF file to know your course sections.   PDF file (Download)

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Exam Preparation Support


Exam Preparation Support. Dear Students, as the exam season approaches, we understand the importance of effective preparation and support for your academic success. To ensure that you are well-prepared and confident for your upcoming exams, we are pleased to announce that designated helping lecturers will be available to assist you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need additional clarification on course material, our helping lecturers are here to provide guidance and support. Please refer to the list below for the contact information of the designated helping lecturers for each course: No. Course Helping Lecturer 1 Mechanics of Materials Mr. Osama [...]

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Retake Exam Schedule (Fall 2023)


Retake Exam Schedule (Fall 2023) For students who are eligible to the exams according to the regulations of the department, please follow the schedule (Download)

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Recognition by the Iraqi Engineers Union


Exciting News for Civil Engineering Graduates at Tishk International University: Recognition by the Iraqi Engineers Union We are thrilled to share some fantastic news that promises to open up new horizons and opportunities for our engineering graduate students. In an official letter issued by the Iraqi Engineers Union (IEU) with reference number 4583, dated 15/10/2023, we are delighted to announce that the engineering academic departments at Tishk International University have been accepted for registration with the Iraqi Engineering Union (IEU). We are also happy to announce a momentous achievement for Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University (TIU). Officially declared on the Iraqi Engineers [...]

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Graduation Project Topics and Deadlines 2023 – 2024


Dear Students, We are pleased to inform you that it is time to select your graduation project topics. Each group of students is required to choose a topic that aligns with your field of study. The deadline for topic selection is Tuesday, October 10th, 2023. Group Composition: Each group should consist of 2 to 3 students. This is an opportunity to collaborate, learn from each other, and showcase your collective skills and knowledge. Submission Details: Please submit your chosen topic to Mr. Ahmad’s office by the specified deadline. Mr. Ahmad will be available during his office hours to assist you with any questions [...]

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