The Mission of Civil Engineering B.Sc. degree program is to develop highly competent civil engineering professionals. This is achieved by providing dynamic learning atmosphere that ensure our students would gain an educational, practical, professional, and intellectual experience that enables them to contribute to society through teaching, research, practice, and public service.


·         Graduates will be prepared to meet and exceed the expectations of employers.

·         Graduates will be competent in urban development.

·         Graduates will be prepared as designers of modern structural systems, roads, and tunnels.

·         Graduates will have the ability to apply their engineering skills, exhibiting critical thinking and problem-solving skills in professional engineering practices.

·         Graduates will be able to tackle social, technical and business challenges in their field.

·         Graduates will be able to exhibit ethical attitudes and effective skills in communication, management, teamwork and leadership.

Graduates will be prepared for ongoing learning and professional development through self-study, continuing education in civil engineering and in other allied fields, such as industry, environment, infrastructures and safety.