Scientific Trip to Spanish Village (2nd Stage Students)

The second-year students of the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University (TIU) recently embarked on an educational site visit to Spanish Village 2. During the visit, students had the valuable opportunity to observe and learn about the structural components of a frame building. They gained insights into the intricate steelworks and placement of walls, witnessing the practical application of theoretical concepts learned in their coursework. Through this immersive experience, students deepened their understanding of construction techniques and industry standards, paving the way for their future careers in civil engineering.

The site visit to Spanish Village 2 provided an enriching learning experience for the second-year students of the Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University. As they explored the construction site, students engaged with professionals and observed the practical implementation of structural principles in a real-world setting. By closely examining the steelworks and wall placement techniques, students gained valuable insights into the complexities of building design and construction processes. This hands-on experience not only reinforced their academic knowledge but also sparked their curiosity and passion for pursuing careers in civil engineering.