Dear students,

Kindly read the following rules and regulations for your spring semester midterm examinations carefully.

  1. Please be in the exam hall, at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination.
  2. Wear your masks and gloves, bring your own hand sanitizers, and keep your social distance.
  3. Check the seating plan displayed outside the exam hall to know your allocated seat.
  4. Place your mobile phones, bags, lecture notes and any other belongings on/near the invigilator’s desk.
  5. Place your ID on your desk and make sure you have it with you during the examination period.
  6. Bring your own stationary with you as sharing is not allowed.
  7. Use BLUE or BLACK pens only.

NOTE: All examinations are ON-CAMPUS

You can download the schedule from the below mentioned link:

Spring Semester – Midterm Examination Schedule for upper grades 2020-2021