TIU‘s partnership with Oracle Academy, a renowned global education program that empowers students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the ever-expanding IT industry. This collaboration will provide TIU students with access to a comprehensive curriculum of Oracle technology courses, including Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud, and Java.

This strategic alliance will enable TIU students to gain valuable hands-on experience with Oracle technologies, which are widely used by businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Oracle Academy offers a variety of certifications that can enhance students’ employability and validate their expertise.

Oracle Academy offers educational institutions and educators around the world free teaching and learning resources—including curriculum, cloud, software, and professional development—that help them prepare students with knowledge, hands-on practice, and career-relevant skills. Academy also offers institutions and their educators access to world-class technology and software, expert curriculum, teaching and learning materials, professional development, Oracle professional certification resources, member recognition, and a wealth of classroom resources for their students. Educators are able to share with students many of these benefits, including study resources, Oracle certification learning materials, software licenses, Oracle Application Express (APEX) workspaces, and Oracle Academy Cloud Program for hands-on practice learning and developing, and much more.


  • Curricula centered on object-oriented programming (Java), database, Oracle Cloud, construction and engineering project management, and technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, and more
  • Oracle Academy Cloud Program, which provides access to Oracle Cloud Free Tier for teaching and learning
  • Oracle Academy Education Bytes — modular learning resources that include hands-on labs, projects and challenges, and videos and presentations, with answer guides and lab solutions. Students can use many of these as self-directed learning.
  • Oracle Academy Application Express (APEX) workspaces for educators and students to work in the Oracle Database Cloud, plus technical support
  • Access to the Career Center on the Oracle Academy Member Hub for educators and learners to peruse free career-based learning content modules
  • Oracle software licenses for teaching and not-for-profit academic research use, plus technical support
  • Workshops in a Box to introduce computing to students
  • Access to My Oracle Support, software updates, and patches for software licensed through Oracle Academy
  • Free professional development for educators
  • Access to NetSuite, NetSuite SuiteAnswers and Help Center, and NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS) Pass
  • Eligibility to participate in Oracle Academy Advisory Groups
  • Eligibility to be featured in a Member Success story