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Graduation Project Report Template

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Summer Internship (CMPE 360 – Industrial Training)

Internship guidelines:

  1. The Academic Department conducts an orientation session prior to the start of the internship Program
  2. The student looks for an internship opportunity or applies to the internships announced by the department.
  3. The student gets the “Internship Application Form” from his/her department. The student and the supervisor should define the “Learning Objectives” of the particular Internship experience.
  4. The student obtains the Host Organization Approval on the “Internship Application Form”, then s/he submits it to the department.
  5. The student obtains the “Internship Job Description Form” from the Host Organization (either a ready one or by filling the “Template of Job Description Form”. The Student attaches the description to the application form.
  6. The department approves the submitted “Internship Application Form”.
  7. The student attends the Internship Program.
  8. The student fills out the “Internship Program Weekly Report Form” and obtains the signature of the Host Organization Supervisor on it. The student sends the weekly reports on weekly bases to his/her department.
  9. The department monitors and verifies the weekly reports and provides the student his feedback and comments.
  10. The department schedules several contact points with the student during the internship to monitor the progress of the internship, the student’s progress in reaching the learning objectives, and to assure the completion of all assignments.
  11. The student delivers the “Final Evaluation Form” to the Host Organization.
  12. The Host Organization Supervisor fills out the evaluation form and submits it directly to the TIU campus. If it was sent with the trainee, it should be put inside a sealed, signed, and stamped envelope.
  13. All the forms must be filled out in English language only and stamped by the company/organization.

Internship forms (Click on the links below to download forms):

  1. Internship Job Description Form
  2. Internship Application Form
  3. Internship Weekly Report Form
  4. Internship Final Evaluation Form