Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, with integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services. In response to technology development and industry environment changes, Huawei introduced the “leading New ICT” initiative with a plan to promote an education program aiming to train professionals as the world evolves toward an intelligent, digital future.

The academy comes within the frame of scientific cooperation between the two parties, intending to enhance the knowledge and skills of ICT in Iraq and Kurdistan. Within this agreement, Tishk International University and Huawei will utilize training programs to transfer ICT technologies to the University via the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy program (HAINA).

The Huawei ICT Academy is a non-profit partnership program between Huawei and Academies worldwide. The academy delivers recognized Huawei ICT technologies certification courses and training to students through this partnership. This program acts as a bridge between enterprises and academies to build a talent ecosystem for the ICT industry. Access to offered courses will prepare students with the latest practical skills to work in the ICT industry. The academy covers over 110 different countries with more than 1900 academies opened, over 7000 Huawei ICT Academy Instructors and around 150,000 participating students in the academy every year.

Huawei ICT Academy provides a wide range of learning pathways with rich learning resources, simulation tools, practical labs and certification exams on various topics on Big Data, Networking, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Cyber Security and IoT. The academy’s online learning platform enables accessible, integrated digital support, providing students and staff with an opportunity to acquire learning materials, simulation programs, labs, and online exams.

Benefits of Huawei ICT to academies

  • Connect with industry and gain insights into new technology trends.
  • Obtain the latest technologies and Huawei online learning resources.
  • Master industry-standard simulation lab tools.
  • Access to extensive industry-standard training.
  • Receive teacher enablement and certification.
  • Get direct support from Huawei.
  • Provision of customized curriculum and advanced courses.
  • Enhance student career competitiveness and employment rate.

Benefits of Huawei ICT to students

  • Exposure to industry and advanced technologies.
  • Obtain the latest technologies and Huawei online learning resources.
  • Master industry-standard simulation lab tools.
  • Receive industry standard ICT training and obtain career certification.
  • Join master classes, seminars, industry trips and ICT competitions.
  • Increase job opportunities and broaden career paths.
  • Acquire special discounts for Huawei certification exam vouchers.

Tishk International University’s partnership with Huawei ICT Academy will further enhance the University’s reputation as a technology education leader both nationally and worldwide.

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