Tishk International University has joined forces with the Red Hat Academy and gained a new opportunity to access open-source training by signing an official partnership between the two partners.

This partnership is aimed at strengthening the university ties with one of the world’s leading open-source software solutions company to bridge the skill gap between academia and industry. The partnership will also provide the next generation of IT talent with access to a wide range of training courses and certification exams.

The Red Hat Academy helps educational institutions keep their pace with the demands in the IT industry along with helping students in reaching their academic and career potential. The Linux® platform, application services, and cloud technologies curriculum involves hands-on instruction built on the expertise of Red Hat development, support, and field consulting teams. Rather than learning theoretical skills, students learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

The Red Hat Academy Learning Platform offers an enhanced user experience that includes an array of features aimed to benefit our students, instructors, and the institution as a whole.

Tishk International University’s involvement with the Red Hat Academy, which is the 1st signed partnership in Kurdistan Region and the 2nd in Iraq, will further enhance the university’s reputation as a technology education leader both nationally and worldwide.

These features include but not limited to the following:

Features for instructors

  • The ability to manage classes and access verified Red Hat training materials.
  • Receiving up-to-date, well-rounded curriculum in areas concerning Linux, cloud and development technologies.
  • Enabling instructors to run their curriculum and labs effectively with Red Hat program support.
  • Globally standardized materials available through the web-based Red Hat Academy portal and order process.
  • The ability to alert students regarding upcoming assignments, reminders and other information directly through the portal using in-system notifications.
  • Instructors are able to engage and interact with their students through the use of Red Hat Learning community
  • Ability to get certified with discounted exams to validate their knowledge.

Features for students

  • Students are able to learn in-demand foundational skills through updated curriculums to be prepared and positioned for cutting-edge IT jobs.
  • Students will gain valuable experience with hands-on labs for a practical experience with numerous technologies and simulated real-world IT scenarios to learn the skills necessary to tackle today’s most pressing issues.
  • Students can stay connected with their instructors and fellow students through the Red Hat Learning Community.
  • The ability to get certified with discounted exams to validate their acquired knowledge.
  • Gain valuable experience with hands-on lab environments
  • Connect with Red Hat instructors and students in the Red Hat Learning Community

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