Tishk International University, Iraq’s leading private university has a long history in teaching networking and become a pioneer in the field and related area. For years, TIU has been producing graduates who have made a name in the area of Networking. To further cement its leadership role in networking, Tishk International University has partnered with the global giant in Networking – Cisco Systems through their world-renowned Cisco Network Academy to establish “Cisco Networking Academy (CNA)” at the TIU.

In 2016, Tishk International University has established Cisco Networking Academy under the Continuing Education Center (CEC) for students to gain the skills needed to build, design, and maintain computer networks to improving their career prospects while filling the demand for networking professionals. With the full cooperation of Cisco Network Academy, CNA aims to produce world-class networking professionals through highly qualified and experienced instructors.

A GLOBAL COMMUNITY of like-minded educators

benefit 1 statParticipate in a community of civic leaders, educators, and employers who share best practices, provide instructor training and connect students to job opportunities in 180 countries.


FLEXIBLE CURRICULUM designed for in-person, online, or both

benefit 2 statBased on the latest advances in the Information Technology industry, our comprehensive curriculum ensures that students leave with the skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce. Courses can be taught individually or within a certificate/degree program and are available at no cost to most organizations.

Backed by training, support, and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

benefit 3 statInstructors get professional experience, professional development, and, professional recognition. In a recent survey, 97.2% of educators reported their involvement with Networking Academy improved their teaching and professional growth and 85.2% said the program helped broaden their career.


Aligned to industry-recognized CERTIFICATIONS

benefit 4 statWhether your students plan to work in cloud computing, security, or network administration, Networking Academy offers courses that align with various industry-recognized certifications that prepare students for positions at every level, while also dramatically improving their potential compensation. 91% of students obtained a job or educational opportunity.

Exclusive CAREER OPPORTUNITIES and resources for your students

benefit 5 statImproving job possibilities is the end-game. We provide a wealth of resources from business skills incorporated into our courses, discounts on certification exams, career-preparation webinars, to our exclusive job matching engine that pairs hiring employers with qualified students. 1.9M students found jobs between FY05-FY19.

Leverage the Cisco brand to GROW ENROLLMENT in your technical programs

benefit 6 stat
As a worldwide leader in networking hardware and solutions, Cisco has formed the digital backbone of thousands of organizations. By aligning with Cisco’s Networking Academy, organizations can demonstrate that they prepare students to best work with cutting-edge solutions, making their courses increasingly relevant and attractive to potential students.

To view the list of courses offered by Cisco Networking Academy (click here)

For more information contact Continuing Education Center via this link: https://tiu.edu.iq/cec