On Thursday, 25th of November, 2021, the department of Computer Engineering, in partnership with High Smart company, have organized a scientific trip for the department’s senior year students to High Smart company’s Erbil office, to expose the students to the processes of designing and implementing a smart house in aims of creating a good starting ground for the students’ potential to launch a career in IoT.

Mr. Karzan T. Gharib, the CEO of the company welcomed the students and gave a brief history on the establishment of the company, the services, products and quality of the products used in implementing the smart house solutions.

Later on, Mr. Ibrahim K. Mohammed, the CTO of the company, gave the students a tour around the company’s show room to further explain the functionality of the products used in smart home automation and control. The protocols used and the interfacing and configuration between the control software and the devices. Further on, an example of a fully automated room, door lock systems and home cinema were demonstrated to the students along with other technical aspects involved in the process of smart home control.

The visit, which came together as part of the departmental yearly activity plan, was concluded with a question and answers sessions lead by Mr. Ibrahim, whereby the students were given the chance to ask their questions regarding the security of the systems and the programming languages used in the backend along with detailed questions regarding the internet protocols used.

The department of computer engineering would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to the staff of High Smart Company for their beneficial seminar and for their help in making this event happen.