The department of Computer Engineering has organized an orientation program for their newly enrolled first-grade students on Monday, January 2nd, 2023 in hall #301 in Tishk International University’s Main Building. The program started with a short yet informative welcoming Speech by the Head of Departments, Mr. Mousa Masoud, who gave an overview of the department’s history, mission and vision, facilities as well as the social and scientific activities that are regularly held during each academic year along. The international accreditation which was awarded to the department was also highlighted. In addition to the importance of pursuing a degree in computer engineering in terms of the wide spectrum of job opportunities available to its own graduates. Furthermore, the curriculum was thoroughly explained along with the university and department’s rules and regulations, academic advising, the department’s webpage, and GPA calculation. The program was concluded with a tour by our second and third-grade students around the department and the main building facilities, lecture halls, library, DoS unit, cafeteria, and laboratories.

In the first session; we discussed:
  • Welcoming Speech by the Head of Departments
  • Playing the Advertising Video of Tishk International University
  • The mission of the Department and the Program Learning Outcomes of the Department
  • Brief Introduction to the History of the Faculty
  • Job Opportunities that the Graduate of this Department can find
  • Wide Lines of the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar