Battle against the clock and other students and showcase your programming skills in the 2nd Blind Coding Challenge (BCC2021).

In aim of providing a platform for the Computer Engineering Department students to improve and demonstrate their problem solving and programming skills, the department will be hosting the “Blind Coding Challenge” coding competition annually among its undergraduate students in the second semester. The Blind Coding Challenge is an individual and fun challenge which targets both Computer Engineering and IT students of all grades.

Each participant will be given four programming problems of varied difficulties to solve without a compiler and within a limited time frame of 30 minutes for each problem. These programming problems can be solved by using either Java or C++ programming languages. Careful analysis and application of algorithms taught in undergraduate studies can aid the students in solving these problems.

This competition will not only improve and enhance the students’ programming knowledge, but also improve their speed, accuracy and efficiency in solving these challenging programming statements.

Winners will be decided upon certain judging criteria. In case of a tie, the total time consumed in providing a correct solution to each problem will be taken into consideration.

Competition Date: To be decided soon

Location: Tishk International University – Main Building – Programming Lab #241

Registration link: Click here

Registration deadline: Sunday, April 18th, 2021

For more inquiries, please contact:

  • Mr. Mousa M Amin (Head of Department – Computer Engineering Department)
  • Ms. Israa Nazhat (Research Assistant – Computer Engineering Department)