Today, within the technology era, all humanity witness fast-paced and diverse enhancements and advancements in all aspects of our life. All these happen around of set of major scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, electronics, etc.Based on this scene, the Computer Engineering Department shall educate students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level, who ready to meet with growing needs of the industry and society and add their own ideas and support for economic development of the region, nation, and society in general.


The Computer Engineering Department at Tishk International University will work on achieving this vision via:

providing quality education and training through well-designed curriculum and instruction methods in parallel with the software and technical service needs of the industry,competent-in the field academic staff and modern laboratories, and quality research to produce solutions and products in areas of Computer Science and Engineering, coordination of industry-academia relationships and coherent-works, projects for mutual benefit, public and social services that are enduringly fertilized with moral values tuned with mission, vision of the university.