Computer engineering program at Tishk International University is composed of electrical engineering and computer science subjects in a balanced way. Our curriculum regularly revised and updated according to the regional and global market needs. Computer engineering students are also equipped well with theoretical and practical knowledge to pursue academic career through graduate programs in computer engineering or electrical engineering.

The Computer Engineering at Tishk International University currently offers a four-year, B.Eng. undergraduate degree program. The focus of the major is on computer systems involving both digital hardware and software. Students learn the fundamentals of circuits, systems, computer architecture and design, microprocessors, programming languages, software design, and operating systems and associated software. For next coming academic sessions the department shall get ready to deliver M.Sc. degree education.

Because of their training in both hardware and software of computer systems, graduates of computer engineering are usually in high demand for employment in industry such as software industry, telecommunication, banking sector, internet provider companies etc. or any place where part of or all business is relevant to computer systems, which can be considered ‘everywhere’ in contemporary life.