Why Civil Engineering Department?

We strongly suggest/recommend the Civil Engineering Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.

    1. We offer high standard education with internationally professional teaching academics.
    2. We are accredited by the Zeva agency from Germany that makes the department be recognized by European countries.
    3. We are the first department in the region that owns the American concrete institute students chapter which enables our students to get benefits from the American concrete institutes.
    4. Through the American concrete student chapter, our students participate in international activities organized by ACI.
    5. We offer departmental career events regularly at each level within the four academic years.
    6. We offer departmental extracurricular academic and non-academic events in order to boost the level of understanding and also prepare our graduates in future endeavors.
    7. We offer a conducive environment/atmosphere to our applicants where they can freely communicate with any academics or academicians of their choice (This will improve their communication skills).
    8. The applicants who are not properly informed will definitely be deformed, based on this, we offer guidance and counseling services for our applicants which enable us to deal with their academic and personal problems with the aid of research assistants.
    9. We guarantee a job to our applicants whenever they complete the departmental instructions on time.
    10. We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.
    11. Our students have opportunities to study a semester as exchange students in well-known international universities.