Title of the project

Names of students

Name of the supervisor

Evaluation and Specification of
Kerosene Fuel Used as a Household
Fuel in Erbil City Kurdistan, Iraq
Haron Ameer Abdullah
Mateen Sdai Sdeeg
Dr. Sangar S. Ahmed
Well Stimulation in
Carbonate Reservoirs
Abdulfattah Yousif Yaqoob
Ahmed Hussein Mohammed
Hairash Nadhum
Evaluation of Some Heavy Metals in
Water and Soil in Khurmala Oilfield,
Erbil, Kurdistan Region Iraq
Korek Hassan Khdir
Mohammed Yousif Shafiq
Dr. Sangar S. Ahmed
Common Problems Encountered
WhileDrilling and Solutions
Muhammed Fuad
Ali Nuradin
Dr. Mohammed Ali Namuq
Numerical Analysis of Erosion into
the Petroleum Pipeline Using Ansys
Hammd Omed Ahmed
Ayub Dara Asaad
Ms. Jwan Khaleel Mohammed
PKN And KGD Models For
Hydraulic Fracture Propagation:
Case Study
Dana l. Karim
Fatah Mohammed Fatah
Dr. Mohammed All Namuq
Chemical and Physical
Crude Oil Typing
Rawand Mohammed Saeed
Omer Dlshad Ismail
Dr. Rzger Abdulkarim Abdula
Gas Lift Application for an Oil Well
Optimized Recovery
Hawkar Salar Abdulkhaled
Momen Thair Abbas
Mr. Dane Mohammed KH.
Sensitivity Analysis Of Polymer
Based CEOR Methods: Simulation Of
Heterogeneous and Homogeneous
Kanary Kamal Yousif
Dalal Mohammed Abdulsalam
Dana Mohammad Khidhir
Tubing Optimization in
Highly Deviated Wells
Zahraa Abdulameer Haji
Sana Kamaran Abdullah
Prof. Dr. Fadhil Ali Ghaeb
Mr. Mohammed Ariwan Jamal
Design Optimization of Hydraulic
Fracturing and Gravel Packing in
Sand Producing Oil Wells
Mudhafar Ameer Sidiq
Rawan Qasim Qadir
Dr. Fadhil Ali
Mr. Nabaz Ali Abdulrahman
A Comparative Study of the Crushability
and Grindability of Some
Rocks in Kurdistan Region
Rania Salah Faraj
Evin Ghazi Harris
Prof. Dr. Hamed M. Jassim
Determination of Groundwater
Recharge in Central Erbil Basin
by using Water Balance Method
Rayan Rahim Omer
Assist. Prof. Dr. Shwan Omar Ismael