A Message from the Head of Department :

Dear students,

First of all, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Petroleum and Mining Engineering Department/ Tishk International University. Iraq and Kurdistan Region are among the largest oil and gas producers around the World. Many super-giant, giant and small fields are located in this area. Till this moment, the oil and gas industry needs development and paying more attention. This will be the role of you as the new generation equipped by the up to date knowledge and information to hold the responsibility in both downstream and upstream sectors. The booming of oil and gas production requires more qualified people.

The second sector which requires special attention and development is the mining industry. It is known that Kurdistan Region is full with very promising mineral wealth which requires further investigation, exploration and extraction at the end. These different mineral resources ranging from metallic to nonmetallic deposits, together with a lot of industrial rocks and construction materials require a lot of work and effort including inviting famous international mining companies. You, as qualified petroleum and mining engineers, can play a big role to fulfill that.

The comprehensive knowledge you obtain at Tishk International University can equip you with these abilities and skills.