By the end of this program, students will be able to:

1.     apply the principles of engineering, science, and mathematics to identify, formulate, and solve Petroleum and Mining Engineering problems.

2.     apply designs to produce solutions that meet specified Petroleum and Mining project needs with consideration of health, safety, and environment.

3.     make judgments in Petroleum and Mining Engineering situations by considering the global, economic, and environmental impacts.

4.     function effectively and demonstrate professionalism in both individual and group settings by creating a collaborative environment.

5.     develop and conduct appropriate Petroleum and Mining experiments and researches using qualitative and quantitative methods.

6.     analyze and interpret data of Petroleum and Mining experimentation correctly.

7.     make logic and reasonable engineering estimation of data to design a solution for specific Petroleum and Mining Engineering projects.

8.     apply advanced knowledge and modern engineering tools as needed

9.     design systems, components or processes to meet the needs and demands of the profession of Petroleum and Mining Engineering projects

apply the Petroleum and Mining Engineering concepts to other energy sectors such Geothermal.