• The Petroleum & Mining Engineering program is so designed to meet both the requirements of the petroleum and mining industry. For that reason the graduates of our department found fair work opportunities in those two industries. Amongst the work opportunities for the graduates of this department are:· Foreign oil companies and logistics oil and gas companies which are working in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan Region in particular.· Public oil sector within the ministry of oil in Iraq and the ministry of natural resources in Kurdistan Region including the different oil fields (reservoir engineering duties, oil well drilling operations, oil research and development institutions, oil refineries, asphalt industries, institutions working on preventing environmental pollutions due to oil industries).· The cement factories which are operating in the cement industry both in Iraq and in Kurdistan Region, whereby the graduates can work in the quarries which secure different raw materials for cement production.

    · Local companies which work on the winning of metalliferous and nonmetalliferous ore deposits and industrial rocks.

    · Local companies which work on the supply and processing of construction materials which are needed for the construction and road pavement industries.

  • Preparing the ground for the opening Master program in the dept. by acquiring

    1. High qualified academic staff.
    2. Laboratories
    3. Library
    4. Computer center
    5. Modern classes
  • Improving scientific research by:

  1. Cooperation and coordination with local and foreign institutions to provide financial support for Petroleum engineering research, and to promote the long-term exchange of knowledge with them.
  2. Providing financial material support from the University’s research center.
  3. Activating the role of graduate students and cooperation in scientific research.
  4. Ensure the publication of results in journals, symposiums, and various workshops.
  5. Encourage the academic staff to participate in research work in national and international conferences.
  • Engagement in the local community through:

  1. Strengthening links with colleges and institutes inside or outside the university.
  2. Providing special attention to college graduates and help to find jobs through the career office of our university
  3. Increasing participation in national councils and committees.
  4. Communicating and interacting with Business firms and cooperate for training students and facilitating research work if needed.