On Wednesday 4/12/2019, we performed a scientific trip for the (third stage students, total 27 students) to the (Oil Field in Taq Taq TTOPCO). The staff there welcomed us so warmly. In the beginning, the foundations of safety in a clear and the right way were explained, explaining all the points related to the topic and securing the collection of supplies in terms of (Clothes, Helmets, and Scenes) needed in the field for us. Then we visited one of the fields with rig supervisor Explain all the drilling procedures for students starting from the formation of the earth. He explained that the primitive stage sent around 1200 M with the use of a drill pipe 26in and then explained how to download casing in the field with cement to preserve the drilling for the well and we could not come close to the well, and that was because it was working for the well (well logging). We were thankful to (Taq Taq Field Company TTOPCO) for allowing them to visit the site in (TTOPCO).