On February 14th, 2023, the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University held a National Workshop on The Future Prospects of Oil and Gas in Iraq, and The New Environmental Considerations. In Hall 302 of Education Building. The workshop was presented by the expert Professor, Dr. Govand Sherwani.

The workshop consisted of two sessions as follows:

Session 1:  Iraq, the oil-rich region, was one of the pioneer countries in production of Oil and Gas in the MENA area. With the reserve of 153 billion barrel of oil, Iraq would be ranked number four in oil production, and with 130 trillion CF of NG, would be   ranked number 11 in gas production in the world.

Session 2: For the last 20 years, the IFG plans focused on investment on oil rather than NG. The new challenges ahead are activating plans for NG, parallel with investment in renewables, solar in particular. The environment, global warming, and commitments of reducing emission have to be considered in all energy-related government plans and initiatives.

The workshop provided valuable insights into the importance of oil and gas and the latest estimates of reserves of oil and natural gas, oil production and export in Iraq, OPEC+, the challenges face in oil and gas sector of Iraq, environmental commitments and plans to be implemented by Iraqi ministry of Oil (MoO). Staff and students attended the workshop from the different departments and faculties of the university.