Internal Seminar on Well Logging Interpretation

On January 5th , 2023, Ms. Shayma Hamza, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Petroleum and Mining EngineeringFaculty of Engineering at Tishk International University held a seminar under the title Well Logging Interpretation.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide a series of techniques which will be of real practical value to petrophysicists in their day-to-day jobs. These are based on my experience from working in oil companies. To this end I have concentrated wherever possible on providing one recommended technique, rather than offer the reader a choice of different options. The primary functions of a petrophysicist are to ensure that the right operational decisions are made during the drilling and testing a well—from data gathering, completion and testing—and thereafter to provide the necessary parameters to enable an accurate static and dynamic model of the reservoir to be constructed. Lying somewhere between Operations, Production Geology, Seismology, Production Technology and Reservoir Engineering, the petrophysicist has a key role in ensuring the success of a well, and the characterization of a reservoir. The target audience for this presentation are operational petrophysicists traditionally, petrophysicists were concerned only with wireline logging.