Breakfast With 1st Year Students

The Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University (TIU) hosted a delightful breakfast event specifically for its first-year students. This gathering was organized as a warm welcome for the new students, providing them with an opportunity to interact and dine with their lecturers in a casual and friendly setting. The event was marked by a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, allowing everyone to engage in conversations and forge stronger connections. Both students and lecturers sat together, exchanging stories and sharing laughter while enjoying a variety of delicious breakfast treats.

During the breakfast, the first-year students felt exceptionally welcomed as they conversed with their lecturers in an amicable environment. They eagerly asked questions about their courses, expressed their enthusiasm for the field of civil engineering, and discussed their aspirations. This informal setting proved to be an excellent platform for everyone to bond and establish meaningful relationships at the very beginning of their academic journey.