Seminar on Earthquake Hazard Mitigation for Buildings at Erbil Municipality

Mr. Esam Mulapeer, an Assistant Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University, recently presented a seminar on Earthquake Hazard Mitigation for Buildings at Erbil Municipality. The seminar, aimed at educating civil engineers and officials, focused on retrofitting existing buildings to mitigate risks and control the impact of earthquakes.

Mr. Esam’s presentation highlighted best practices for controlling and mitigating the effects of earthquakes on buildings. He underscored the importance of retrofitting existing structures to reduce the damage caused by earthquakes. The seminar was attended by high-profile officials, including the Mayor of Erbil City, Mr. Omed Khoshnaw, the Minister of Municipality and Tourists, President of Erbil Municipality, and several civil engineers from the municipality.

The seminar provided an ideal platform for civil engineers to exchange ideas and expertise on earthquake hazard mitigation, culminating in a fruitful discussion. Overall, Mr. Esam’s presentation was a significant milestone in the efforts toward ensuring the safety of buildings and citizens in Erbil. The municipality is expected to continue its efforts in this direction, building upon the valuable insights gained from the seminar.