In a recent appearance on Rudaw TV, experts discussed strategies for earthquake risk mitigation in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Dr. Barham Haidar, Head of the Civil Engineering Department at TIU, stressed the importance of implementing projects according to structural design documents and surveying soil types in the region to identify the appropriate number of floors based on their response to earthquake waves. He also emphasized the need for intensive supervision during the implementation process to ensure the quality of materials and implementation.

Prof. Abrahamczyk and M.Sc. Hasan from partner university BUW also shared their expertise on earthquake risk mitigation in the interview. Prof. Abrahamczyk discussed the lessons learned from the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake and the SERAMAR project, while M.Sc. Hasan talked about earthquake-resistant design and shared experiences from the ongoing DAAD project titled “Multiscale consequence studies for hazard impacts in Iraq” jointly run by BUW and TIU.

The experts highlighted the importance of taking proactive measures to mitigate the risks associated with earthquakes and stressed the need for continued research and collaboration to develop effective strategies for earthquake risk mitigation in the region.

Interview (in Kurdischer Sprache):

SERAMAR: Seismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation in the Antakya-Maras Region on the basis of Microzonation, Vulnerability and Preparedness Studies