Course Description



CE 417, 424 – Supervised Independent Study and Research: Although the graduation project is a whole course to be completed, it is divided into two semesters as follows: 1st semester: Supervised independent study and research (3 credits) 2nd semester: Graduation project (3 credits) In evaluating the Supervised independent study and research, the following guidelines will be utilized. The course will be graded on a 0 to 100 point scale. A grade of 60 points is considered passing for purposes of meeting Tishk International University graduation requirement. There are two components to the final grade including: the semester activity, and the oral presentation. Each component will be graded independently of the other components. Responsibility for all aspects of the graduation project rests solely with the student. The student is responsible for selecting a project, scheduling time to complete the project, completing requirements on time and seeking help when needed. It is the student’s responsibility to select, contact and confirm an advisor. This person serves as the advisor for the student as he/she completes his/her graduation project.