Graduation Project 2021 – 2022


Dear Students,  Welcome to the module of Graduation Project. You are required to work on a group basis on this project. The group should be of a maximum of 4 students, and a minimum of 2 students. Each group needs to fill the attached form with the following information, then submit the filled form to Mr. Abdullah Hassan's office by 12:00 pm, Monday, October, 18th, 2021.  -   Names of the students in the group with the signature of each student  -   GPA (out of 4.0) for each student in the group and the average GPA of the group  -   The selected [...]

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Summer School Schedule 2021


Dear Students you can see the summer school 2021 weekly schedule by following the steps: 1- Download the Schedule 2- Follow safety regulations to avoid COVID-19 3- The schedule is not the last version, (Conflicts or Add and Drops) may change the schedule or the opened courses)

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Exam Regulations


Dear Student please read the exam regulations and make sure you follow them. Download Exam Regulations

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Guideline of the reports


Dear Students you need to follow the Template and the Procedure for Surveying and Building Material and Concrete technology Reports from the PDF file of this post Download the Guideline (PDF)

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Weekly schedule for the fall semester 2020 First Grade is included (08/11/2019)


Dear Students the schedule is attached for All grades including Firs Grade. For introduction of civil engineering the date will be change as soon as possible. and with possibility the drawing date will be changed as well. Schedule For All Grades

Weekly schedule for the fall semester 2020 First Grade is included (08/11/2019)2020-10-19T08:46:11+00:00

Engineering ethics Project 2019-2020


Dear Students who has Engineering Ethics course: Kindly find the attached files for the project, and all instructions are given within the files. Engineering ethics Project 2019-2020

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