Course Description



CE 212-MECHANICS OF MATERIALS II: introduction, course outline, Compound stresses, Introduction, Superposition, Force applied parallel to member’s axis, Unsymmetrical bending, Superposition of shearing stresses, Analysis of Plane Stress and Strain, Introduction, the basic problem, Equations of the transformation of plane stress, Principal stresses, maximum shearing stresses, Mohr’s circle of stress, Construction of Mohr’s circle of stress, Construction of Mohr’s circle of stress, Combined Stresses- Pressure Vessels- Failure Theories, Thin-walled pressure vessels, Failure theories, Design of Members by Strength Criteria, Introduction, design of axially loaded members, Design criteria for prismatic members, Shear and moment diagrams by summation, Shear and moment diagrams by summation, Deflection of Beams, Introduction, strain-curvature and moment-curvature relations, Differential equations of elastic beams, boundary conditions, Solution by direct integration, Solution by direct integration, Statically Indeterminate Problems Introduction, general approach, stresses caused by temperature, Analysis of indeterminate systems based on superposition, Columns Introduction, stability of equilibrium, Euler’s formula, Limitations, design of columns.