Guidelines for student Virtual internships


GEDC-Petrus collaboration is providing virtual internships for students. There are host universities around the world registered to this organization and the guidelines show the student how to apply for the internship and to host university directly. Students interested in this virtual program can contact their departments to get their access code for registration. You can download the details here (Internship Program Guidelines)


To see the internships and projects for which you can apply, you will need to enter your code from your department: Global Virtual Internship Program (

Virtual Internship Etiquette:

  1. Show up and complete the internship if you get accepted, unless something difficult happens, in which case please contact your advisor
  2. Find out what professional guidelines are available and what behaviors are expected from you and follow these, ask for clarification where needed
  3. Complete the projects and assignments in a timely and accurate manner
  4. The internship’s focus is the learning process, to pick up on things and to get exposure in the industry you want to work in, so ensure you do your best to learn as much as possible
  5. If you will get assigned a mentor, make the most of his / her experience; ask questions, respect scheduled meetings, take the feedback, be proactive with learning as much as possible from him/her
  6. If you receive physical devices to work on or access to specific tools and software, use them in a secure manner and without damaging them
  7. For any software/tools you get access to, please respect the security requirements such as creating strong passwords, keeping to yourself any confidential documents, not installing unnecessary software
  8. While working within a virtual lab please respect all rules and guidelines, as these are set to help all students make the most of available facilities
  9. If you notice a data/security breach, please contact your supervisor immediately
  10. Maintain a professional attitude, appearance, and work ethic at all times
  11. Agree with the internship host which public holidays you will follow (i.e. your country’s or the hosts’ one)
  12. Treat the internship very seriously, as you would with any other important career opportunity or class
  13. Your first internship may be your first chance to see how your classroom learning applies to the real world. Capitalize on this! Download GEDC Virtual Internships here