Tishk International University contributed in Shaping Erbil 2050 Sustainable Urban Master Plan.

In a significant move towards shaping the city’s future, on June 15th, 2023, the Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University contributed to the 2nd SEA Public Consultation Workshop. This gathering aimed to update Erbil City’s Master Plan for 2050, focusing on the environmental, social, and economic dimensions critical for the city’s sustainable evolution.

The university was represented by Dr. Barham Haidar Ali, Ms. Shino Mamand, Ms. Sanar Sardar, Mr. Shallaw Hamza, and Mr. Numan Albayati. Their combined insights played a key role in directing discussions around the city’s future urban development.

The workshop enabled enriching dialogue about the potential environmental impacts of different development strategies on erbil 2050 master plan and many Alternatives have been discussed fostering increased collaboration between governmental and educational institutions.

Post-workshop, the university team held discussions with the JICA group and the administrative board of Erbil’s urban planning. They aimed to explore future collaborations and ensure such beneficial events continue, focusing on broad societal benefits and progress towards sustainability goals.

Tishk International University’s active participation underlines its commitment to community engagement and to fostering a sustainable future for Erbil, emphasizing the crucial role of academia in government collaborative efforts.