Breaking News: Tishk International University’s Engineering Faculty Achieves Top Ranking Among Private Universities in Iraq

We are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for Tishk International University’s Engineering Faculty. Officially declared on the Iraqi Engineers Union (IEU) website, our Engineering Faculty has secured the prestigious position of being one of the top among all private universities in Iraq.

The remarkable recognition follows an extensive evaluation process, culminating in a positive outcome after a thorough site visit conducted on 14/06/2023 by the Inspection Committee of the IEU. The Union Council meticulously reviewed the site-visit report, evaluation form, and a collection of photographs showcasing our university’s state-of-the-art facilities, departments, laboratories, halls, and other amenities before reaching this decision.

The entire Tishk International University community, especially the Engineering Faculty, is jubilant at this outstanding acknowledgment. The management of the university and the Deanery of the Engineering Faculty extend their warmest congratulations to all engineering graduates and students who have played a pivotal role in achieving this recognition.
This commendation by the Iraqi Engineers Union marks a significant milestone for Tishk International University’s Engineering Faculty, opening doors to new possibilities and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in engineering education.
We express our gratitude to the IEU for their thorough evaluation and recognition of the unwavering dedication and quality of our engineering programs.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to reach new heights in academic excellence!