Orientation Program for First Stage Students

The Department of Architectural Engineering at Tishk International University held an orientation program for the first grade students on January 3rd, 2023. The program was designed to welcome students to TIU for the academic year of 2022-2023. The event was attended by students from first grade, and was conducted under the supervision of Ms. Shino Abdullah, Head of the Architectural Department. The activity was attended by around 57 students. First, Ms. Saya Abdulqadir, Research Assistant, presented the introduction speech, followed by a speech delivered by Ms. Shino Abdullah, Head of the Architectural Department. Mr. Noman Bayaty, Coordinator of the Architectural Department presented the students hand book to the participants.

A seminar regarding DOS activities was also presented during the program by Ms. Lavin Kawa, Social Affairs and Alumni Representative. Later on, Ms. Frya Ismail, Research Assistant in the Architectural Engineering Department, presented the SIS System to the students. The social community project was also explained to the students by Ms. Dania Idris Asaad, Research Assistant in Architectural Department. She mentioned the social community project to the students and encouraged them to volunteer in serving the community. To wrap up, Mr. Ari Tariq, a Lecturer at the Department, delivered a motivational speech to the students and wished them success in their academic journey.