Graduation Projects Discussions were held in the Architecture Department, over the course of three days; 22nd, 23rd, 24th of June 2021. Discussions were held in two separate design studios simultaneously, and guest jurors were invited to evaluate the projects alongside internal examiners and the supervisors of each project.
The first-day discussion guests included Assist. Prof. Dr. Salahaddin Yaseen, Head of Architectural  Department in Salahaddin University, Dr. Omar Adil, Mr. Ahmed Nariman, Lecturers in the University of Kurdistan, Dr. Khawla Fayadh, Architect Hardi Khayrullah, as well as internal examiners and Prof.Dr.Muammal Ibrahim, Mr. Haval, Mr. Omar, Miss Stran, Mr. Noman, supervisors of the projects.
The second day welcomed guests Dr. Shaima FadhIl, Dr. Siba Taha, Mrs. Sahar Muhammed, Architect Arsalan Akram, and Miss Halal Othman.
On the third day of the discussion, guest jurors were Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamid Turki, Assist. Prof. Dr. Azad Atoof, Dr.Shayma Fadhil, Architect Hunar Kareem, and Architect Lina Dawood.
Each student explained their work and projects in detail and received valuable feedback from the jury members. The diversity and experience of the jury members, who have practiced in different architectural fields or are long experienced academicians enable them to evaluate the projects through different perspectives and intelligence. Once project evaluation was successfully completed, the Head of the Architecture Department of Tishk International University presented the guest juries with certificates and gifts for their valuable participation and thanked them for enriching the project discussions with their great knowledge and experience in the architectural field. The Department is proud of the hard work done by both its students and academics, and with to see further success in the near future.