On 4th June 2021, Tishk International University has organized an international online workshop in collaboration with Erbil Polytechnic University titled (Building Information Modeling in Design, Construction). The workshop’s objective was to give efficient knowledge about Building Information Modeling (BIM) to target modern ideas for engineers; BIM illustrated such as the best-invited concept for upgrading the brightest outcome in the engineering world.

Additionally, explore subjects created by BIM and different topics discussed with local and international experts to enhance the future of BIM in the Kurdistan region.

The workshop develops an adequate understanding for engineers such as professional developers in adapting the BIM experience and enhancing knowledge. In addition, BIM is demonstrated as a powerful tool to solve more issues.

The head of the Civil Department at Tishk International University, Mr Barham Haidar, began as keynote speaker, then the followed subjects below consequently discussed during the workshop:

The first presentation was about Understanding BIM to Change Our Thinking, which gave by Twana A. Hussein from View Group Institute from Sulaymani city in Iraq. The second topic was Computational, and Parametric Design inside Building Information Modelling Environment presented by Firas Noori from the architecture department in Ajman University at UAE. The third topic, 5D Perspective, Cost Estimating Process through BIM, was presented by Shad Sherzad in the architecture department from Tishk International University at Erbil city in Iraq. The fourth topic, Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Structural Engineering, was presented by Dr Aras Jalal Jalyzada from Polytechnical University in Erbil city from Iraq. The last presentation was, H.BIM From Survey to Modelling and Use, given by Prof. Giorgio Verdiani, Prof. Carlo Biagini, and Alexia Charalambous, from the architecture department at the University of Florence in Italy.

Finally, the audience described the workshop as the source of knowledge about BIM, and a hundred participants got the certificate from Tishk International University.