Top Three Students Awarding Ceremony

On December 5th, 2022, the Architectural Engineering DepartmentFaculty of Engineering at Tishk International University organised an awards ceremony for the top 3 students in every stage. The ceremony was opened by Ms. Fatima Omar, Research Assistant in the Architectural Engineering Department, followed by a speech delivered by Mr. No’man Al Bayaty, Lecturer in the Architectural Engineering Department, who took the stage to welcome the attendees and congratulated students on their significant achievements. 

After that, the awards were presented to the top three students by Ms. Shino Abdullah, Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Dr. Omar AbdulwahabMr. Nawaz Al DabbaghMs. Sanar Sardar, and Ms. Aysha Rashid, Lecturers at the Architectural Engineering Department. The event ended with a closing ceremony and tea break for the guests and awardees. The Department of Architecture wishes all the students the best in all their studies and success in their future endeavours. 


5th stage
1. Mohammed Shawkat
2. Sally Abdulsalam Ghanim
3. Hidaya Hafedth

4th Stage:
1. Marwa Farhad
2. Tara Aziz
3. Raha Esmaeilli

3rd Stage:
1. Lanja Noori
2. Lin Allan
3. Ali Abdullah

2nd Stage:
1. Basma Yousif
2. Yousif Cemil
3. Helen Fakher

1st Stage:
1. Manar Kamal
2. Sara Ahmed
3. Yaran Yasin