Tishk International UniversityFaculty of Engineering FacultyArchitecture Department hosted the TIU Main Gate Design Competition. This competition was held under the supervision of Dr. Faith Cura, Vice President, and the Architecture Department. This competition was announced in June 2022 and lasted until October 2022 with 11 participants. Three participants are Research Assistants from the Architectural Engineering Department, and eight are students and graduates.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Saya Abdulqadir Ismael, Research Assistant at the Department of Architectural Engineering, gave a welcoming speech and explained the competition’s aim and outcome.

This competition provided an opportunity for participants to portray their design skills and abilities. The selection of the shortlisted participants and winner was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Faith Cura and the design committee members (Ms. Shino AbdullahDr. Barham Haider, Mr. Haval Sami, Mr. Nawaz Al Dabbagh, Ms. Sanar SamiMr. Noman Bayaty, and Ms. Jenan Sabah).

Afterwards, a presentation showcased the participant’s designs, including a video of the winners’ designs. Dr. Fatih Cura, Vice President, presented the participants with certificates. Assistant professor Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, vice president, presented the shortlisted participants with plaques. Assistant Professor Dr. Idrees Hadi, the head of the board of trustees, presented the winner with a plaque, Mohammed Shawkat.

At the end of the ceremony, Mohammed Shawkat, the winner of the competition, expressed his happiness and thanked everyone for their support. To wrap up, Assistant Professor Dr. Idrees Hadi delivered the closing speech and thanked all participants for their hard work and dedication to the competition.


1st. Mohammed Shawkat

2nd. Dania Idrees

3rd. Jenan Sabah

4th. Shilan Shawkat

5th. Yousif Imad and Amin Mohammed

Honourable Mentions (Participants):

Saya Abdulqadir

Yousif Cemil

Mohamed Sabah

Dyako Rostam

Ali Abdullah

Jumana Saad