Mechatronics is a vibrant multidisciplinary branch of engineering interlinking Electronics, Mechanics, and computers as well as communication and signal processing. It is the core of any Robotics and.1or Automation system. It is time to step out of our routine and the conventional way of life and pursue a new profession before it is too late. The world is changing around us, the survival and success are on the side of those who are willing to adapt. The new generations are going to live in a world that is, by far, unlike the world that their parents and grandparents were living in. It is becoming ever harder to cruise through life without interacting with automation systems, smart machines, or robots. Many engineering firms and/or factories favor intelligent machines and robots over humans for many reasons:

  • They are never late for work o They don’t fall sick
  • They can coop with harsh environmental conditions
  • They don’t waste time by going to the toilet
  • They don’t complain
  • No prejudice against social or other issues
  • Does not pilfer, humans do
  • Internet surfing and skiving
  • Punctual and precise