Last Update: 11/10/2023

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Electric BikeMohammed Dilshad, AdamDr. Ezideen A. Hasso

This is an Arduino based project embracing BLDC Motor. The student will learn how to use and code Arduino to perform the required task.

Learn how to soft start/stop the bike. This project has the potential to be develpoed into a business in the future.

Fire Extinguisher Robot ArmMustafa Khlis, RastyMr. Qusay HamidAn arm with (2 -D) of redeem will be designed and produced, water will be used to extinguish the fire. The controller will be built with an Arduino kit.
First Aid DroneAmmar TalibMr. Qusay HamidFirst Aid Drone is a drone designed for medical emergency response and supply delivery
CNC Plotter MachineMalik , LawandMs. Sara Serwer

CNC stands for computer numerical control. The Arduino CNC plotter moves its parts in accordance with the instructions it is provided

in order to draw a desired image or text.It uses 2 stepper motors as actuators and the Arduino controls them individually depending on the instructions it receives.

Smart Blind StickMohammed Dlzar, Omer AzadMs. Sara SerwerThe smart stick for the blind as the name suggests is a device for the visually impaired to guide the user to their respective destination and avoiding to collide with obstacles.
Disinfection Cleaning RobotAhmed Adnan, Mustafa Ismael, SarokDr. Rand Basil,  Ms. Safa AnmarDesigning an antibacterial resistance and infection control robot based ultraviolet radiation for purpose of sanitizing healthcare centers and hospitals.

The robot will have the features of wireless charging, mapping, storing mapping data in the cloud via IoT, in addition to providing the user with report for the scanned area.

Smart WheelchairFawaz , Bayar Ms. Safa AnmarThe smart wheelchair is a power wheelchair PWC that help the disabled people to interact with their environment safely.

The movement of the smart wheelchair will be controlled based on the vital signals obtained from the user using biosensors.

These sensors will integrate the function of anther types of sensors positioned to provide feedback on a driver’s ability to control

the device and navigate their environment. The information can be relayed directly to the user in order to modify behavior, such as through

a thought, auditory, sensory, or visual feedback system. The data can also be tracked and used to provide therapists with valuable information

about the user’s driving habits. This can be used to assess the user’s and those around them’s safety, as well as areas to focus on during future training sessions.

Firefighting DroneMohammed Zaid, Mustafa NazarDr. Rand BasilFirefighting drone act to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant unwanted fires in buildings, vehicles, and woodlands. A firefighter

suppresses fires to protect lives, property and the environment.

Fluid Fill Line robotic armAmeer Salar, Yousif Ms. Safa AnmarRobotic arms can be used to automate the process of placing goods or products onto pallets.
Gate System based on Sensors and Card ReaderAhmed HawroDr. Rand BasilMost automatic gates nowadays use optical sensors or motion detectors, which are installed on the sides of the gate to control

the opening and closing of the gates to trigger the gate opening and closing the gate in addition to the RFID reader that used to

read the ID card of the staff, if the ID is recognized the gate will be opened automatically, otherwise it will stay close.

Vertical Axis Wind TurbineAram FarhadDr. Ezideen A. HassoA wind turbine is to be designed and fixed on a vertical axis to generate electrical power; an interface circuit will be created to

match the generated electrical power with the demands of the circuits that consume this power.

Home System based on IoTMuhammed RashidDr. Rand Basil AlhashimieThe main objective of this project is to develop a home automation system using a NodeMCU board with Wi-Fi being remotely controlled

by any Android OS smartphone. As technology advances, so do the intelligence of houses. Modern homes are gradually transitioning from

conventional switches to remote-controlled, centralized control systems with switches. Currently, conventional wall switches located in

various areas of the home make it difficult for the user to approach them. It becomes even more difficult for the elderly and physically

disabled to do so. With smartphones, a remote-controlled home automation system provides the most modern solution.

In order to achieve this, a WiFi module is interfaced to the NodeMCU board at the receiver end while on the transmitter end,

a BLYNK IoT application on the cell phone sends ON/OFF commands to the receiver where loads are connected. By touching t

he specified location on the BLYNK IOT, the loads can be turned ON/OFF remotely through this technology. The loads are operated

by NodeMCU board through optoisolators and thyristors using triacs.

Arduino-based CNC machineArkan KovanDr. Ezideen Hasso

Ms. Sara Sarwer

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a term that refers to CNC machines are one of the most often used machinery in today’s industry.

Many jobs involving movement or activity that repeats itself on a daily basis have been replaced by CNC machines. As time passes, human

concentration deteriorates, and as time passes. The machine’s product quality and quantity will be maintained. The expense of using

CNC machines in industries, on the other hand, is extremely expensive. Because the equipment is too expensive for small enterprises and families

to utilize. The design and manufacture of a small-scale CNC milling machine capable of 3-axis simultaneous interpolated operation are

described in this study. The goal of this project is to create a low-cost Arduino-based CNC machine that can do a variety of tasks.

Drawing in accordance with the user-defined scale. The low-cost CNC machine is designed for small businesses and families. Some

types of CNC machines have been studied and discussed in this project. This project discusses the hardware construction methods,

the needed software, and the machine’s operating flow. In the end, the designs of the 3D printed components for the CNC drawing

machine were displayed. The input picture and the import image are the two sorts of images that have been tested. The original

image’s scale and the drawn image’s scale were contrasted and discussed. The primary goal of this project is to create a CNC machine

model for teaching purposes. The design CNC machine has a 600mm x 300mm workspace and uses precision stepper motors

in conjunction with lead screws to move the axis smoothly on linear bearings, resulting in more exact output.

IoT Smart Parking SystemBadrkhan Muhammed MustafaMr. Qusay HamidThis project which is entitled IoT Smart parking system is a project that aims to make the process of parking a car much easier and take all the annoying parts out of it by making most parking lots smart. The process of finding parking spots is a process that has been getting much harder in recent years with the growth of our cities and population and also because of the number of tourists that visit such places and thus much more cars have been getting into our city and taking up most of the parking space in busy areas. This project will try to fix these problems with all the new technology that is available to us in recent years. We will make every spot have a sensor for monitoring it and an LCD display to show the number of free spots in the area and all this data will be sent to the web server.
Non-Contact Electric Vehicle (EV) ChargerMohammad BrjoDr. Ezideen HassoA recent survey in the UK conducted by LeasePlan Company shows that 64% of drivers believe that insufficient charging infrastructure is the main reason for avoiding them from owning EVs. This project concentrates on the design and fabrication of a split Transformer core charging station which could be the basis for any possible infrastructure charging stations. No cabling is required as long as the vehicle is in the vicinity of the charging station, the vehicle charger can dock to the station for charging.

This work requires a split transformer core: half on the docking station and the other half is placed in the vehicle, and running at a higher frequency (not 50Hz). A sensor is provided that can detect the presence of the vehicle to turn the docking station ON to start the charging. A power Electronic module then takes over the control and adjusts the charging level to the optimal condition.

Learning Outcome:

· Power Electronics,

· Variable frequency and voltage drive,

· High-frequency transformation,

· Sensors

· Other docking station requirements.

Solar Water Desalination SystemHiba SalarDr. Ezideen HassoMost of earth’s water, that people can access to, is saline (salty water). In this project Solar Energy is used to vaporise the saline water by comprising a parabolic reflector to concentrate the energy on a closed container (boiler). As the water temperature increases, the steam is collected from the boiler and passed through a helical shaped copper pipe for cooling down to be condensed into distilled water. In order to maximise the productivity, the orientation of the parabolic reflector is changed to track the sun. this is achieved by using servo motors, sensors and a controller (Arduino Microcontroller).

Desalination systems are on high demand thought the Middle East and North Africa and indeed other parts of the world.

Learning Outcome:

· Thermodynamics (Latent Heat),

· Microcontroller programming (Arduino),

· Electro-Mechanical Conversions,

· Sensors and Actuators,

· Daily Sun Trajectory.

Robotic Metal DetectorGarmyan fouadDr. Ezideen HassoIn this project the, the student is designing a robot that can maneuver to access given site in order to conduct a search for mines. The robot can run autonomously in a predefined pattern to conduct the surveying of the terrain. Due to the limited time and resources, only plane terrain is can be considered at this stage. The metal detector section of the project is based on a coil (inductor) as a sensor. The inductance of this sensor varies when it encounters a metal which leads to impedance aviation in the circuit. The On-Board Arduino: sets an alarm; warning the presence of a metal object in the vicinity; and at the same time registers the GPS Coordinate of the location, by communicating it to the main computer (controller) for further attention.

Learning Outcome:

· Robot Kinematics,

· Arduino Programming,

· Coil as a sensor

· Wireless communication

Smart Home for Elderly People

zahraa laythDr. Rand Basil AlhashimieNew homes equipped with different smart technologies or smart homes, are homes supplied with different new technological advanced systems to allow and permit many automated domestic duties, easily to be controlled and highly sophisticated and secured.

Smart homes have been prepared to compensate the healthcare requirements for elderly people and other purposes such as improve the life style and accommodations, decrease the energy consumptions and finally satisfying the special needing increased with the new life cycle. In the present project, special needs, will be planned to be satisfied using controller(s) with different types of sensors and actuators, to finally help the elderly people in their daily multi-tasks things. The collection of tools used here should be connected, defined and controlled through the controllers to satisfied specific jobs planned.

Sorting Robot for Drugstore

Ahmed Haval FatahDr. Rand Basil AlhashimieOur life is more important than anything else, because of COVID -19 human cannot touch the items in industry because if someone else touched the same item maybe get the virus, so the arm robot will help them to carry object and put it in right place on shelf or maybe pic up from shelf and bring to the customer, also it bring back time for workers because it need more time to put objects on shelf or maybe workers be bored or tired for doing that so it help workers in many ways. So we take data from barcode scanner sensor and depend on the barcode the arm and motors will work and do the job that we want.

Security System in Smart Home

Anas Ali MusaDr. Rand Basil AlhashimieNowadays, as we know most of things in our life are controlled by Programmable electronic device. But some of them are not widely used like a security system in smart home which is very important to protect people and their houses from thief, fire and gas leak. Security system is a special system because of making people feels in safe when they are at home or even when they leave their houses. In this system the sensors are used in every wear at home (ex. on the rooftop, garage, kitchen and Entrances)

Dual axis solar tracking

chya kawaMr. Sivakumar N. S.To track the sun in two directions that is elevation and azimuth, a dual-axis tracking prototype is developed to capture the maximum sun rays by tracking the movement of the sun in four different directions. One axis is x axis which allows the solar panel to move left and right. The other axis is y axis and allows the panel to turn up and down.

Arduino Based Fire Fighting Robot

Ali Sherzad MahmoodMr. Sivakumar N. S.Arduino based firefighting robot uses Arduino as its main microprocessor to locate and fight against fire danger using some additional sensors which are connected to the microprocessor (Arduino) to get the information about fire location and intensity.

watering System based on Arduino

Zhilya Suhail TahirMr. Qusay H. AliSmart irrigation systems are a combination of an advanced technology of sprinklers with nozzles that improve coverage and irrigation controllers that are watering and water conservation systems that monitor humidity related condition on the property and automatically adjust watering to optimal levels.

car control system based on Arduino

Ruqaya walledMr. Qusay H. AliIt’s a car robot that based on Adriano it will move in many directions or ways that we can’t reach easily. And we can control it using Bluetooth or automatic control and if something becomes in front of it, it will immediately stop. And if can we can add a camera that helps to see the places that we can’t reach and see.

Ultrasonic liquid level control system

Mina KareemMr. Qusay H. AliAn ultrasonic sensor will be used to measure the liquid level, And to mix a two different liquids with each other for a certain propose.