{Departmental Activities}

Date of the Activity Type of the Activity Brief Description about the Activity Venue of the Activity Staff


Sponsor Participants Target Audience Done P

Not Done

Fall Academic Trip Swedish Academy Erbil MECH. staff   Students 2nd  G Students  
Fall Academic Trip Industrial Trip Erbil MECH. staff   Students 3rd G Students  
Spring Academic Trip Salahalddin University Erbil MECH. staff   Students 1st  G Students  
Spring Academic Trip Miqyas Company Erbil MECH. staff   Students 4th  G Students  
2nd Dec. 2024 Social Activity Picnic Erbil MECH. staff   Students All  G. Students  
12th – 15th Feb. 2024 Social Activity Bowling Tablo Mall MECH. staff   Students All  G. Students  
19th April 2024 Social Trip Shaqlawa Shaqlawa MECH. staff   Staff & Students Students  



Social Trip Ramadan iftar Joined with Aviation   MECH. staff   Staff & Students All  G. Students  


19th Oct. 2023 National Workshop ECTs TIU TIU Staff        
25TH  April 2024 National Workshop   TIU TIU Staff        
Feb. 2024 International Workshop Industry  


Joined MECH.-Aviation / Dr. Yazin   Staff & students Staff & students  
15th–31st Oct. 2023 Training Course Solid Work  – 3D Design TIU – L. 212 MECH. Staff – Joined with Aviation   Staff & students Staff & students  
Spring Community projects Help the needy TIU MECH. Staff   Staff Needy People