Tishk International University’s renowned Mechatronics Engineering Department successfully organized a comprehensive workshop on the fundamentals of electric vehicles on June 1, 2023. The event, held at 2:00 pm, featured the esteemed presence of Dr. Ezideen Hasso, the Head of the Mechatronics Department, as the key presenter.

The workshop provided a unique platform for students, faculty, and industry professionals to delve into the exciting world of electric vehicles. With a focus on the basics, participants gained a deeper understanding of electric transportation’s technological advancements and sustainable aspects.

Dr. Ezideen Hasso, known for his expertise in mechatronics and passion for sustainable engineering, captivated the audience with his insightful presentations and engaging discussions. Drawing upon his wealth of knowledge, he highlighted the principles behind electric vehicle design, its components, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged lively exchanges, enabling participants to address their queries and explore potential challenges faced by the electric vehicle industry. Attendees also had the opportunity to witness practical demonstrations of various electric vehicle models, showcasing their efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and advancements in autonomous driving.

The success of this workshop not only demonstrates Tishk International University’s commitment to fostering academic excellence but also reflects the growing significance of electric vehicles in shaping the future of transportation. Participants left the event inspired and armed with a greater understanding of the vital role they can play in revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Overall, the workshop on electric vehicle basics organized by the Mechatronics Engineering Department proved to be an enlightening and engaging experience. It served as a stepping stone for the participants to embark on further exploration and research in this dynamic field, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.



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