Mechatronics Engineering students recently had the opportunity to represent Greek culture at the Spring Festival in Tishk International University, showcasing the country’s rich history and traditions. With the festival’s theme of “Women empowerment,” the students focused on the role of women in Greek mythology and history, highlighting powerful figures like Athena and Queen Cleopatra. In addition to discussing the important contributions of women throughout Greek history, the students also presented a variety of classic Greek dishes, offering festival-goers a taste of Greece’s renowned cuisine. The dishes included spanakopita, a fasulatha and yemista, moussaka, loukoumades and dolmades, and souvlaki, Greek Baklava, straggisto (Greek yogurt mixed with olive oil and crackers).

The students’ presentation of Greek culture was a huge hit at the festival, drawing a crowd of curious and enthusiastic attendees. Many visitors were impressed by the students’ knowledge of Greek history and mythology and their passion for sharing their culture with others. Speaking about the experience, one of the students involved in the presentation said, “It was an amazing opportunity to showcase Greece’s rich cultural heritage and to highlight the role of women in our history. We were thrilled to see so many people come out to learn more about the greek country and delicious food.”

The students’ representation of Greek culture also sparked conversations about the importance of women in positions of power, both historically and in the modern world. Many visitors were inspired by the stories of powerful women from Greek mythology and history, and the students hope that their presentation will encourage further discussions about gender equality and women’s rights. Overall, the students’ representation of Greek culture at the Spring Festival in Tishk International University was a resounding success, offering visitors a glimpse into the fascinating world of Greek history, mythology, and cuisine. Through their passion and knowledge, the students were able to share the beauty and diversity of their culture with a wider audience, and inspire others to learn more about the important contributions of women throughout history.

During the event, there was a competition among various countries, and the mechatronics department representing Greece managed to secure the third position. Following the announcement of the results, the mechatronics staff and students celebrated with great joy by having a cake. They expressed their happiness and hoped to achieve even better results in the upcoming competitions.

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