The Interior Design Department (fourth-grade students) of Tishk International University attended a scientific trip organized by the university to Zanko Private Hospitals in Erbil, as part of the scientific activities that relate to the Interior Design Studio Vl course, which is given by Mr.Haval Sami (lecturer) and Ms. Hazhin Nasih (assistant). The trip took place on October 31st 2019.

The hospital staff welcomed the Tishk students and staff, and displayed great assistance and cooperation towards them. They toured the group of students around different parts and units of the hospital, and described the interior design, finishing, and furniture used within the facility.

Mr.Haval explained the architectural and interior design elements that are used and redesign suggestions that could enhance the general atmosphere. He also discussed how to establish a healthier environment for patients and to increase the healing level in every sense, extending their role to focus on health and wellness, not just illness.