Graduation Project for the INDS Department Fourth Year Students

Students enrolled for the Interior Design course INDS Program will be subjected to submit a graduation project in hard cover theses. At the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018 students will be assigned in group project, the following criteria for selecting and doing the group graduation project:

1- INDS faculty members full time and part faculties are expected to introduce their final year projects graduation project.

2- Projects are solely related to the INDS program already pursued by the INDS students.

3- Students are grouped in groups not more than 4 students to apply for any presented project.

4- Project supervisors are expected to follow the progress and students’ development throughout the allocated period for the project.

5- Students are expected to present initially the scope of their project work at the end of the first semester.

6- During the first presentation a team of faculties will evaluate the student’s seriousness and ability to further complete the project within the prescribed period.

7- The group-based project should be analyzed, and useful conclusive remarks are drawn.

8- The project has to be written in accordance with the theses form, ready for submission at the end of the academic year.

9- plagiarism and copy paste is not allowed in this report.

10- students should show explicitly the sources and references as related to the content of the program, outside referenced must be acknowledged.

11- the presentation of the work should meet the project outcome.

Student Projects


Title of the project

Names of students

Name of the supervisors

The abstract of the project

Cancer Hospital Shan Haval Merve Taha

Sana Basil

Suliman Mustafa

Nawzad Kakamand


This project focused on cancer patient who are affected by physical, emotional and social concerns. Due to a lack of effective design, hospitals have increased stress levels, impairing the healing process. The primary issues are in (lighting, material, circulation...), the primary objective in this project is to design to solve all psychological, physical, and social problems, as well as to make design a part of the healing process by creating normalcy, inner peace, and a comfortable atmosphere for patients, their families, and staff. The information collected in books, thesis, and articles. The result gave essential information about the and what spaces would be needed in this project. It was concluded that natural light was the most affected part, and also air quality, materials types and its angle had their own affect for a good interior cancer hospital result. This project aim is by applying interior design approaches and concepts into psychological and mental health therapy, accelerating the healing process and minimize the patient stress on cancer hospitals.
Cancer Hospital Hawkar Ali In this project  there is an attempt to find spiritual and physical solutions through architecture and designing for cancer patients as Architecture is one of the most idealistic professions there are to solve problems that has bad impact on the surrounding and this attempt of finding solution is due to ignorance of applying design as part of healing process and lack of quality and health guideline standards especially for cancer hospitals which is the field of challenging life through everything the patient has such as anxiety, stress, lack of socialization, lack of hope  and physical abilities, lack of support from the surrounding and many other things . so, the best way of solution is to find the problems first, and understanding them and why are they happening, in this thesis we try to find the primary issues such as (circulation, material, scale, lighting, color effect, etc….) and explaining and comprehending the situation. the most important goal or objective of this thesis is to solve all those social, emotional, physical problems and making the designing a part of healing process though finding the best suited material, lighting, structural form, services, colors for interior health environments such as those that improve the healing process along the comfortability of the patient, their family and the staff.
Boat House Dalia Nuraddin A boathouse is a structure that is built on an open water, such as a river or a lake, that contains a boat storage for water crafts as well as other related equipment, and is usually dedicated to a rowing club. There are also training rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, a conference room, an administrative suite, and a café. This thesis examines the lack of a boathouse in Kurdistan and proposes a suitable boathouse for residents who enjoy rowing and other associated sports and aims to close a gap in the local and regional community by designing the first-ever boathouse that satisfies international standards. It also intends to promote youth rowing clubs and annual rowing contests in order to improve the mental and physical health of the younger generations. The project also intends to strengthen the country's economy by attracting tourists. In order to obtain knowledge regarding designing a qualified boathouse, many articles, websites, previously published thesis and library books were reviewed. The findings revealed that one of the most significant aspects of creating a boathouse is selecting a suitable site with easy access to a water source such as river. Other factors to consider include space layout to ensure efficient circulation and accessibility between zones as well as views of nature and natural lighting in order to keep athletes motivated when they are participating in water sports. It is concluded that designing a qualified boathouse in the region for residents and visitors is extremely important and will have a significant impact in many ways.
Office Complex Maryam Burhan An office complex is a location where a large number of people work in an area that is larger than a single small office. It's a collection of enterprises in one location, such as a building or a campus. This thesis focuses on office complexes that lack a suitable working environment and lack diversity in the firms and enterprises renting there because of the inflexible traditional designs of these campuses, as well as the lack of technology and adequate ventilation. This project aims to create an office complex that is flexible enough to accommodate as many different types of businesses as possible, as well as to provide employees working there with a healthy and ergonomic working environment in order to increase productivity without compromising their well-being. Secondary research method was used such as online articles and studies alongside engineering books were examined in order to uncover ideas to make the workplace healthier and more productive. Results showed that incorporating enough natural light and greenery into the design, as well as the use of appropriate colors, can significantly improve the work environment. Additionally, adding flexibility to the design of spaces can make the space more suitable for different types of businesses, as they can customize the space to their needs. It is concluded that creating a healthier working environment not only helps the mood and well-being of the employees but also contributes to an increase in their productivity which will help the country’s economy in the long term.
Environmental Research Center Maryamkhan Ahmed This project is research conducted for an environmental research center. Environmental research centers are centers where scientists can do their research and test their findings in the labs and do exhibitions for their findings every now and then and finally, they can open educational programs for people who want to know more about environmental issues. All these activities require their own spaces which will be discussed in this thesis later on. While also the problems that this country have with environmental research centers were discussed in this thesis. The problem is that this country has only one research center, which is in Sulaymaniyah, and it lacks the principles that an environmental research center should have, such as a quantity of natural light, sustainable building materials, and aesthetic interiors. Some researches were conducted to find a solution to these problems by collecting information from articles, pdfs, and architectural books. The goal of gathering all of these pieces of information is to construct a sustainable building that meets LEED certification standards, and is also appropriate for Iraq's hot climate, and is aesthetically pleasing. Another consideration is that the interior of the building should reflect the culture of the city where it will be built. Finally, the next semester's research center should be environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. Most importantly, it should include a large gathering area in the heart of the building to serve as a socializing space for all building users, and the gathering area should be exposed to plenty of natural light to create a relaxing atmosphere. But while the space is exposed with a lot of natural light it should also be kept in mind that Iraq is a hot country so this should be taken into account while designing the openings to avoid overheating the space.
Museum Vare Haval This project focused on visitor visual experience and other problems in wrong designed air circulation and lighting angles also lack of knowledge on selected materials that affected the sound absorption and reflection in the space, the objective of this study was to create a comfort environment for visitors and to design a good interior that did not do before. The information collected in such away as interviewed with museum specialists, books, thesis, and articles. The result gave essential information about the museum and what spaces would be needed in this project. It was concluded that material was the most affected part, and also air quality, lighting types and its angle had their own affect for a good interior museum result. This project aims to fill an existing gap locally and regionally by designing the first ever future museum. The place will be a center for collecting a large number of visitors and will be a place for collecting all facilities about the future.
Book Store Soz Sirwan This research is made to provide an important understanding of Bookstore design, this thesis talks about a bookstore and the purpose of this paper is to identify the most important bookstore design variables and how the bookstore used an important and relaxing place and meeting diverse people as a place for activities with friends and visitors the bookstores through the lack of visitors. The problem in the bookstore many times not have an enough space or completed the principles of buildings, As a two similar examples Xian Zhongshan / Xian shi china, Saraiva bookstore/ Rio de Janeiro brazil along with the objective of the project as well as the problem and the design and its modern buildings. Bookstore main components are reading area, café, administration, lecture room, bookshop, organization hall) all these components have standard and analyzing the space programming design for each person and dimensions in a bookstore, then analyzed the site location. Bookstore the way an important role in providing the opportunity and resources for people to care such learning. The bookstore's atmosphere should be peaceful and calm. and also, light Quality lighting is a strong element that could have a significant impact on and strengthen an architectural or interior design project. Reading is an important function in a bookshop, and it makes use of more sunshine for color, which must be natural or tones. Color is important for bookshops since it should help visitors feel calm and in a pleasant mood, and having a variety of books available will make it easier for customers. The bookstore is society's most valuable asset.
Youth Center Avin Sulayman Youth centers are defined as facilities that are designed especially for the younger generations, aged 11–25 years old. These spaces provide them with a safe, secure environment with a variety of physical activities such as dancing, yoga, and martial arts. And the art programs and academics such as science, theatre, and crafts. It also has other activities too, such as playing games, club meetings, socializing, and outdoor plays to help them develop their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities to experience a sense of enjoyment, achievement, friendship, and recognition. This thesis is a solution for the unresolved problems of the youth centers in Kurdistan that may have stayed unsettled for several reasons, through that, many issues have occurred which have led to a lack of activities, and functionality inside the buildings, as well as their inappropriate use of materials that may not be suitable for the function of the center. This research aims to explore ways to help the youth centers achieve the need of the users, and also provide them with a safe, comfortable environment to be in, which may be beneficial for them to use their creativity through several different activities.