Graduation Project for the INDS Department fourth year students

Students enrolled for the Interior Design course INDS Program will be subjected to submit a graduation project in hard cover theses. At the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018 students will be assigned in group project, the following criteria for selecting and doing the group graduation project :

1- INDS faculty members full time and part faculties are expected to introduce their final year projects graduation project.

2- Projects are solely related to the INDS program already pursued by the INDS students .

3- Students are grouped in groups not  more than 4 students to apply for any presented project.

4- Project supervisors are expected to follow the progress and students development throughout the allocated period for the project.

5- Students are expected to present initially the scope of their project work at the end of the first semester.

6- During the first presentation a team of faculties will evaluate the students seriousness and ability to further complete the project within the prescribed period.

7- The group based project should be analysed and useful conclusive remarks are drawn.

8- The project has to be written in accordance with the theses form,  ready for submission at the end of the academic year.

9- plagiarism and copy paste is not allowed in this report.

10- students should show explicitly the sources and references  as related to the contenet of the program, outside referenced must be acknowledged .

11- the presentation of the work should meet the project outcome.